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meI was thinking of starting a blog and just as I was coming to a decision on what sort of direction my proposed blog should take a newspaper article caught my eye and in it the writer was bemoaning the fact that she had been unable to get her, usually indomitable, elderly mother ‘on-line’ because computers were just far too difficult and she ended by saying perhaps a simple tablet computer might have done the trick .

I knew very little about the world of blogging until I was introduced by a friend to a very fine example of the genre – ‘Spitalfields Life’. I ‘signed up’ and was rewarded by the blog dropping into my iPad each morning. It would come with many photographs illustrating the  wide variety of topics and I really enjoy it. The experience is greatly enhanced by being able to read it while sitting on my sofa. With a tablet you do not have to sit at a desk in front of a computer and this for me was the breakthrough of the tablet over the conventional computer. I have found one or two more blogs that interest me and because it seems like a great way to find like minded people to communicate with I signed up with the author of ‘Spitalfields Life’ to learn how to write a blog of my own and you are reading the result.

I was lucky enough to be given my iPad and it has replaced for me some of my past hobbies, which used to involve mastering some technique or another, and now I find that the unfolding uses that I discover on my iPad can be life enhancing and fulfilling – yes I know quite a claim. I believe getting used to using a tablet and understanding what it can do for you is much like mastering any technique that you may have undertaken in the past and takes a little time, some patience, some practise and some help from others.

Overtime, if you join me, I hope that we can set up a network consisting of anyone who lives in Sherborne or in the surrounding villages who may already have a tablet or may be considering investing in one where we can work together through this blog to gain a greater understanding of the benefits that could be out there both now and in the future.  I regret I only have experience in the use of an iPad but I hope that someone else may come forward who can offer help and support for other forms of tablet computers. I also want to use the blog to show you what an excellent means of communication a blog can be and bring you stories about local people, events and anything at all that may be of interest and in which we can all share. Which is why I have named my blog ‘Get in Touch – Stay in Touch’.


I would like to conclude by introducing you to my inspirational neighbour who has a supportive family living in various parts of the world. She keeps in regular contact and I can see her from my landing window sitting at her computer every morning communicating with someone somewhere in her world. Sometimes she has three way conversations between family members both here and in Australia. One of the most surprising of these exchanges occurred when a catch on her fridge door snapped and she told her Australian son in law, who happened to be on holiday in Italy with his family at the time. He asked her to take photos from various angles with her tablet computer and email them to him in Italy so that he could order the correct replacement part to be delivered to her and he would fix it up during the couple of days he spent in Sherborne on route back home to Australia. It all worked a treat and the fridge was repaired. I conclude from watching my neighbour in action that ‘I can’t do that’ does not figure in her vocabulary and so it is my firm belief that with the right amount of support age and/or inexperience with conventional computers need not be prohibitive factors when it comes to tackling a tablet and what it can do for you.

I leave you with a lovely example of a ‘blog’ that can transport you from your sofa to somewhere else entirely:

Barbara Elsmore

March 2016

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