I was lucky enough to be given an iPad as a present and although I would probably never have got around to buying one for myself I took to it straight away and was so surprised to discover what a great benefit it is to me in my everyday living and what fun it can be too. We often hear about the loneliness that can exist in our modern world and there are many people who may think that the computer age has passed them by and that they will manage without one. I believe it is not too late to join in and a tablet computer and some help from others could hold the key.

Overtime, if you join me, I hope that we can set up a network consisting of anyone who lives in Sherborne or in the surrounding villages who may already have a tablet or may be considering investing in one where we can work together through this blog to gain a greater understanding of the benefits that could be out there both now and in the future. It would be great if experienced users could join in and help the novices get started.

I also want to use the blog to show you what an excellent means of communication a blog can be and bring you stories about local people, events and other topics that may be of interest.

So I do hope you will join me and we can see together what unfolds.

Barbara Elsmore

30 March 2016