Fine Art Printing

Jayson Hutchins reduced

I first met Jayson Hutchins when he worked for Sherborne Photographic where he helped me with digital colour printing of some large posters and I knew that he also undertook individual one-on-one training in all aspects of photography and I, along with many others, was very disappointed when Sherborne Photographic closed its doors for the last time in August 2015. I remembered reading that Jayson had joined the Old Barn Framing Gallery in Westbury, Sherborne to work on fine art printing and I knew that he had continued at the same time to work for himself as Jayson Hutchins Imaging and it was in his second capacity that I approached him first when I was setting up this blog as I wanted a really nice wide photograph of Sherborne to act as the ‘header’.  You can imagine how thrilled I was when he produced the lovely photo of the Abbey and surrounding buildings as a wide panorama and I visited him at Old Barn Framing to have it reproduced and framed and it now hangs on my wall. Jayson suggested writing ‘Sherborne Town’ under the photo to give it more depth. I can use this image for my own purposes, and I have had some little business cards made, but Jayson holds the copyright and apparently there is now another copy of this photo hanging in the Crown Inn which I must go and see.


Wanting to know more about Jayson and the work he does at Old Barn Framing I visited him there and he explained that he is entirely self taught and began with graphic design when he worked for Sherborne Photographic. He is clearly someone who is a born communicator and I have always found that he helps and shares his knowledge freely in whatever you are doing together and so some great things have come out of the many working relationships that he has built up over the years. A chance posting on Facebook of the last day at Sherborne Photographic prompted Calvin Smith, of Old Barn Framing, to contact Jayson and so began the new fine art printing service, run by him, in the upstairs studio. Nikki Morey, also from Sherborne Photographic, works alongside him.

In the studio I saw some remarkable photos that a local amateur photographer had sent in to have ‘finished’ by Jayson and then printed onto some high class paper using the huge digital printer that sits working away in the studio. He really had added a little touch of magic to these pictures just as he did with ‘my’ picture. The first thing he does is to get the image he is to work on onto his computer. Whatever the original material happens to be – perhaps an artist’s latest painting, an old painting, an old photograph, a new digital photograph, an old negative or slide – and by means of scanning or skillfully photographing the material it arrives at the computer and becomes a very high resolution digital image. This is when Jayson gets to work on the image in its new format which means he can do almost anything with it. I saw an example of an artist’s original painting that was being turned into wine labels and on a previous visit some artwork that was going to be reproduced on china mugs so the uses seem almost limitless. If the image is to be printed it is ‘sent’ across to the printer. This much larger version of a home inkjet printer is similar in that it is the ink cartridges that are required to enable it do its job that are the expensive component in the production of high quality images. There are 10 different coloured inks in the set including two different blacks and a dedicated orange and green which is why this process is particularly appropriate to reproducing high quality art works thus enabling artists to sell limited numbers of signed copies of their work. The top quality paper comes in any size up to 3m in length and up to 60cm wide. “The key word here is Giclée” Jayson explained “Giclée Printing is the posh name for inkjet printing using archival inks and papers – the Ferrari of printing!”. It does also mean that any print that is made should last 100 years and therefore a process well worth undertaking and my head was buzzing with possibilities for my own photographic collection of old family photographs.

Jayson is working three days a week at the studio, at the moment, and is continuing with his own work during the remainder of the week. He really enjoys what he does and finds himself working all hours on his own account and sometimes up to midnight when he has a deadline! This is one very talented and busy man and I am very pleased to have met him.

Back downstairs and Rod Whitemore posed in the framing gallery with my very special framed photograph of Sherborne Town.

Rod Whitemore reduced

You can find more information on the Old Barn Framing Gallery together with the work Jayson does in their Fine Art Printing Service here.

As a postscript to this posting another fine photograph of Sherborne has come into my hands when I was lucky enough to make the winning bid at the auction held at the recent Sherborne Castle Country Fair. The photograph was taken, by a now unknown photographer, in Long Street around 1900 and what I love about it is the very elegant and nonchalant way in which the two ladies appear to be cycling away from the camera. Many more old photographs of Sherborne and other towns and villages in Dorset are available from Barrie Pictures of Shaftesbury.

reduced pic

Barbara Elsmore

3 June 2016

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