iPad photography workshop

image1-1I was keen to try one of Anne King’s courses and so I signed up for ‘iPad Photography and Other Stuff’ to be held at the Digby Hall in Sherborne. There were eight of us attending and Anne gave us an informative and fun afternoon where I discovered much that I had overlooked in my rush to get on and ‘do’ things on my iPad. When I first got an iPad I had a play with the camera but soon returned to the little compact camera I carried with me at all times. The video camera, however, was far superior to the one on my camera and taking little videos around my garden on sunny days and then replaying them later I really enjoyed. One afternoon a humming bird hawkmoth came into the garden and fluttered around the catmint and I dashed indoors picked up the iPad and filmed it and this really is the way to catch a humming-bird hawkmoth in action rather than taking a ‘still’ with a camera. I uploaded to Vimeo.com directly from my iPad and you can watch the video below, or click on this link.

Anne took us all back to basics and introduced the camera to us properly, showing us what it can do together with the excellent editing possibilities that come built into the iPad. She showed us how to use the timer so that you can put yourself in a group photo and how to take ‘selfies’ which I have to say none of us, being of a certain age, were especially keen on but at least we now know how! We learnt how to make some editing changes that may become necessary such as cropping, straightening, lightening, giving special finishes like turning a coloured image into black and white and more. She then took us through how to email photographs, how to file in albums and what to do if you have too many photos on your iPad. It was a very good grounding using the techniques built into the iPad and a great way to learn in a small group.


Anne, who has taught in adult education in the past, left her role as Librarian at Leweston School after almost 10 years to become self-employed, launching ‘iPadery’ in December 2014. This coincided with a ‘new in business’ course, Dorset Women in Business Go Digital, a great start for her new venture. She offers one-to-one lessons and is taking her workshops and iPad Clubs from Yetminster and Chetnole into nearby towns and villages. She has a website with helpful tips and produces a useful monthly newsletter packed with information for iPad users of all levels. Newsletters can be read via her website, ipadery.co.uk. I am very much looking forward to visiting one of her clubs to get a taste of what goes on there so do watch this space.

Following on from the course I decided to look again at the camera on the iPad and I experimented with photographing some old postcards and you can see the results below. By holding the camera as steady and straight as possible, with no lighting interference or shadows, I took several photos. The best one can then be cropped and straightened using the basic editing tools and the remainder discarded. The photo can be emailed with the ability to reduce the size if necessary. The result is just as satisfactory as using a scanner and a desktop computer with the great benefit of being able to carry this out wherever you need to. It can also be very useful to photograph documentation and I have been playing around with an App called CamScan which then allows for the photographs of documents to be turned into PDFs and can be read once again as a document and not as a jpeg image which would have been the case had I used my traditional camera.

postcard 1

postcard 2

postccard 3

Barbara Elsmore

1 May 2016

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